ALEBET specializes in interactive content development,
such as CD- ROM production, 2D and 3D graphics, animation,
interactive marketing, interactive shopping, advertising and
ad insertion, and a variety of other multimedia services
including group based distance training, multi casting etc.
Deeply rooted in the Entertainment and advanced technology
educational fields, ALEBET is committed to advancing the
application of imaging and new media technologies to motion
picture and educational related activities.


Creating a dynamic web page takes finesse. In today's market
place you can't afford not to have your company on the World
Wide Web. The ability to visually convey your product or
services, interact with your customers, and provide support
is invaluable.
Our expertise over the years in film and video production
industry along with our marketing experience makes web
design a natural for us. We can create a stunning web
presence utilizing the latest in Html, Vrml, Java, Animated
gifs, Shockwave, in short... all the bells and whistles
needed to impress your customers !
We will take you step by step through the creative process,
working closely with you to achieve the dramatic results you
New to the web? Don't worry, we can help you with getting
your domain name registered and set up your account with an
excellent hosting service. We're here to make your jump to
the web an easy and affordable one!